Sunday, April 23, 2023

Pokemon Shining Opal Continued Beta(17/7/2023 fixed)

 This is a hack of Pokemon Fire Red

Creator: Sierraffinity
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This continued beta is based off the latest beta the creator was working on. And thanks to the creator, I've learned so much about how the game was supposed to be like so I did my best to finish the rest part the creator didn't finish. I managed to make full use of all the ideas the creator mentioned Hopefully, I;ve made the game closer to how it was supposed to be like. But sadly, there was still one thing which is different from the original plans, which is the Day/Night system, which had caused too many glitches so I had to disable it to make the game stable.


Credits to jiangzhengwen for the r button world map and double battle system fix, thctbm for testing the game, and Fangking Omega for the new tiles.

3/5/2023 update should have removed the day and night system completely to keep the game stable.

5/5/2023 update fixed a great amount of movement errors, and the following bug/glitches were fixed:
Sapphire was not obtainable.
The Hoenn legendary event in Cliff Cave is not working properly.
Some text errors.

8/5/2023 update fixed the following bug/glitches:
Some events didn't have proper scripts.
Some more movement errors.
Phantom Bush glitches.

15/5 update fixed the following bug/glitches:
The elevator of the department store didn't work.
Some more events which lacked scripts.
The wrong tileset of Gelan Town.

18/5 update deleted the in-battle day/night system completely. Also, the rival battle music could be wrong at times, that was fixed as well.
Additional fix: Two swimmers in Klindor City lacked dialogue, this was also fixed.

26/5 update fixed some more glitchy events, also, Teleport is no longer a field move to prevent some glitches from occuring.

14/6 update fixed some more minor glitches, also, thanks to jiangzhengwenjzw, after you got the pokegear, you'll be able to view the town map by pressing r, which is the only actual working function for the pokegear.

15/6 update fixed some more glitches, including the glitch which makes Power Plant unaccessable.

17/7 update fixed some text errors, the glitch which prevented the Elite Four events from resetting was fixed. Also, the items being sold in the fan club became more expensive.

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  1. When started the night shift it turn out the building began ripping colors

  2. HM04 strength in overworld doesnt work after you press yes the game will softlock

  3. some other town and place most of the time the tiles got glitches but doesnt affect the game

    1. That's exactly why I deleted the day and night system at the beginning, now I tried to fix it again, you can try it out, if that happens again, please tell me, thanks.

    2. It happens again, i think the problem is if you played at night time the day/night system is still intact wherever you change or patch it causes the save file I'd used is the night time i been played i think that's the cause.

    3. That's true, the creator used a special day and night system which seems to cause all the glitches. I'm trying to find a way to delete it, but it will take some time since it's not like any regular day and night system commonly used in most rom hacks, maybe I need to wait to see if the creator herself will figure out if she could help with removing it.

  4. I tried to edit my time to 9:05 AM and the tiles form your newly patch back to its original, i think the AM system to this was not so bright but barely see the overworld

    1. I attempted to remove the day and night system again, hopefully it will work better this time.

    2. It works fine now, thank you so much HRM

    3. Thanks a lot for letting me know, by the way, I fixed some more glitches in the new patch, which won't affect the gameplay too much, but if you are interested, you can try it.

    4. I'll definitely try this again

    5. I'm just assuming which hack should be next to be fix? Is there any chance like the rijon adventures?

    6. For now, I'm not sure if I'm going to find another rom hack to work on, I think it depends on when this one gets truly stable.

  5. Hey HRM have you ever heard of this rom hack called pokemon apollo? Apparently it's very old and abandoned but this rom hack has very high pontential though i was wondering if you ever wanted to fix it?

  6. Holy 😮 amazing work once again you absolute mad lad